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Tell which of the italicized words are prepositions. Remember that prepositions must have an object.


1. Come in and sit down with me.
2. He climbed up on the ladder and through the window.
3. Mrs. Jones came by at suppertime but not since.
4. The firefighter crawled along with the child who was near death.
5. Since no noise came from the building, he walked away.





1. with
2. on, through
3. at
4. with, near
5. from




Find the prepositional phrases in these sentences. Remember the object must be a noun or a pronoun.


1. Joe came out in a real hurry.
2. The wind arrived before the storm.
3. The tiger leaped over the wall and into the bushes.
4. The boy with the skateboard hurried down the street and into the building.
5. I took a trip to Canada and Mexico.
6. My wife traveled to the glaciers of the Grand Tetons.
7. By the light of the silvery moon, the man on his knees begged for forgiveness.
8. Under the shade of the apple tree, I read my book in peace.
9. She had lost the name of the book about airplanes.
10. The sentences in this lesson are difficult for me to write.




1. in a real hurry
2. before the storm
3. over the wall, into the bushes
4. with the skateboard, down the street, into the building
5. to Canada and Mexico
6. to the glaciers, of the Grand Tetons
7. by the light, of the silvery moon, on his knees, for forgiveness
8. under the shade, of the apple tree, in peace
9. of the book, about airplanes
10. in this lesson, for me