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Adverbs may be compound. Example: He speaks rapidly and well.


Find the adverbs in these sentences.


1. We shouldn't decide this very important decision quickly or foolishly.
2. Suddenly and quietly the boys slipped from the room.
3. The girls did the dishes laughingly and happily together.
4. Marilyn types rapidly and accurately.
5. Either today or tomorrow we will go to the zoo.




1. n't, very, quickly, foolishly
2. suddenly, quietly
3. laughingly, happily, together
4. rapidly, accurately
5. today, tomorrow



Adverbs that tell us how, when, and where can shift position in the sentence.
Example: I am often out of town. Often I am out of town. I am out of town often.



List the adverbs in these sentences.


1. Jeff does his work wisely.
2. Seldom do we see everyone at the same time.
3. Ann often visits from Canada.
4. Now let's check this again.
5. I see what you mean now.




1. wisely
2. seldom
3. often
4. now, again
5. now


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