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İngilizce deyimler ve anlamları

A bed of rose
(A pleasant or easy situation)

A drop in the bucket
(A small amount of a plentiful commodity)

A frog in the throat
(Suffering from temporary hoarseness - needing to clear the throat)

A Molotov cocktail
(A homemade petrol bomb, usually thrown)

Bury your head in the sand
(Refuse to confront or acknowledge a problem)

Cut to the chase
(Get to the point - leaving out unnecessary preamble)

Dust up
(A Fight)

Drink like a fish
(Drink heavily)

Double Dutch

Et tu, Brute
(From Shakespeare's Julius Caesar)
(Sen de mi Brutus)

Elephant's trunk

Face the music
(Accept the unpleasant consequences of an action)

First World
(Originally the term referred just to the USA, but now is understood to mean the most industrially developed, wealthy and powerful nations of the world. These countries are often referred to loosely as 'The West', although the First World certainly includes Japan and Australia)

Get the sack
(To be dismissed from a job)

Green eyed monster

High Time
(The appropriate time "that something should be done")

Home alone
(Describing a child left at home while his/her parents are out)

Hot off the Press
(Freshly printed)

In the red
(In debt)

Men in suits
(Businessmen/bureaucrats/lawyers and the like who follow the company line. Also called just 'suits')

My old china
(Affectionate term for a friend)

My old Dutch
(Affectionate term for wife)

Make my day
(Give me an excuse to do you harm)

Over moon
(Very Happy or Delighted)

Once in a blue moon
(A very rare event)

Over the top
(Excessive or exaggerated)

Rock and roll
(The form of popular music that came to prominence in the USA in the 1950s)

Run out of steam
(Run out of energy)

Your money or your life
(Give me your money or I will kill you)