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Sorularda verilen tümceyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz..

1. Despite a partial recovery in the quality of its product recently, ..... .


A) the raw material they use in the factory hasn't yet become abundant.

B) the firm's productivity is increasing at a fantastic speed.

C) customers have always been attracted by the company's way of treating them.

D) the wholesalers were pleased at doing business with such a decent company.

E) the film is still far from the expected standard.

2. When she noticed the tense atmosphere in the office, ...... .


A) she tried to dispell it by telling some jokes.

B) she never fails to cheer everyone up with her amusing stories.

C) they wouldn't even realise when she came in..

D) her tender manner had always helped to soften the situation.

E) she isn't aware of the fact that it was all due to herself.

3. ...., it has to export manufactured goods in exchange for imported agricultured products.

A) Because favourable seasonal conditions are available in our country
B) when, in a country, farmers cannot be persuaded to produce various kinds of food
C) Although most of the country is mountainous and it lacks enough land for cultivation
D) If a country is highly industrialized but has little arable land

E) In a country where of the two sectors, industry and agriculture, only one is neglected

4. ...., he should choose a topic which will hold his interest.

A) When a student has good study habits and can stick to a schedule
B) Not only does a student have to pay attention to whether the subject is suitable for research
C) Since a student is to do a large amount of reading before writing his research paper
D) No matter how attractive for a student a subject may be
E) Because a student can use library books to look up available sources of information

5. When I've completed packing, ..... .

A) I needn't have hired a taxi and paid such a high fare
B) I would rather call a taxi than give him any inconvenience.
C) my brother gave me a lift to the airport
D) they have been trying to find the quickest way to the station
all the others were waiting for me in the hotel lobby

6. ......, but from then on the rate increases steadily.

A) Reasearch has shown that about 30 percent of lung cancer is associated with atmospheric pollution
B) Each year about 18.000 men and 3.000 women die from cancer of the lung
C) It's surprising that the rate of deaths from cancer among women is increasing even faster than among men
D) Women clearly suffer less than men from lung cancer because they smoke less
E) Lung cancer is not an important cause of death before the age of thirthy-five

7. ......, if he asked you to take an extra work without more pay?

A) would you resign at once
B) what will your colleagues suggest about it
would you agree with your manager
D) do you accept his offer and work there
E) what will your reaction be to such a awful offer

8. Unless the southern part of the country gets some rain soon, ..... .

A) farmers would have worked much more than before
B) they were considering reducing supplies even further
C) cotton, unfortunately, would not have been an appropriate crop for the area
there may be a poor fruit crop this year
E) it seems
they have already started to irrigate the rice fields