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1-4. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

The practical advantages of prefabrication are two-fold: It is quicker and it does away with uncertainty. Speed in building is important in these days because of the high cost of land: the time during which such an expensive commodity is out of use must be reduced to a minimum. And, partly or wholly prefabricated methods of construction save time on the job because parts are prepared in the factory beforehand. Prefabrication does away with uncertainty because it means that the whole building is made of standard parts the behaviour of which is known and has been tested.

1. Since land is extremely valuable it is important that ____ .


A) costs do not continue to rise

B) the building materials should also be expensive

C) people should not disagree as to the advantages of prefabrication

D) building costs be reduced to a minimum

E) it does not remain out of use for long

2. One advantage of using prefabricated parts is that ____ .


A) fewer skilled workmen are required

B) this method is much cheaper than standard methods

C) less land is required

D) buildings can be put up much faster

E) there is more scope for experiment

3. When a building is constructed from standard parts that have been well tested ____ .


A) there is no scope for originality

B) the costs will naturally be excessively high

C) new methods of construction are overlooked

D) one knows in advance that the result will be satisfactory

E) one is still not sure how they will behave in a particular situation


4-6. Soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Computers can store vast amounts of information in a very small space and are used by the banks to keep accounts, print out statements and control transactions. They are also used by the police to keep personal records, fingerprints and other details. In the rapidly developing field of robotics computers are now being used to control manual operations done by mechanics. These, too, are taking over work, previously done by people in the manufacture of cars, in weaving and in other industries. Computers play an important role in controlling artificial satellites, decoding information and communications generally. They are used to predict the weather with increasing accuracy.

4. One can conclude from the passage that ____ .


A) computers have become an indispensable part of our life

B) despite great advantages in computer techniques, they are not proving as useful as once was hoped

C) weather forecasts carried out by computers are not reliable at all

D) robotics has long been a field of keen scientific interest for man

E) computerised banking has led to an increase in unemployment

5. The author points out that ____ .


A) industry is turning back to traditional methods of production

B) the police use computers to make sure that their records are not tested

C) the principal use of computers is in space industry

D) computers are too complex for everyday use

E) the use of robots, directed by computers, is becoming widespread in industry

6. The passage is not concerned with ____ .


A)  the application of computers in industry

B) how computers are manufactured

C) the conservation of information by computers

D) the role played by computers in crime detection

E) the use of computers in communications and the transfer of information