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Sorularda parçada bırakılan boşluğu uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

1. Michelangelo hated to delegate work to others and would only do so in an extreme emergency. ____ ; and certainly no artist of note emerged from his studio.


A) His assistants, moreover, were all exceptionally talented

B)  As a result he has been accused of not passing on his artistic skill to others

C) Naturally he was unwilling to do much of the purely manual work himself

D) As a result many of his works had to be finished by his assistants

E) He went to great pains to train his assistants

2. Below the earth’s crust the rocks are hot. By drilling the crust, these rocks can be reached. ___ . This in turn can be used to produce electricity.


A) Areas where there is volcanic activity must be avoided

B) Such proceedings are obviously extremely costly

C) Water can be pumped down into contact with these rocks to produce steam

D) Geothermal energy is the name given to this particular form of energy

E) Millions of years ago the earth was a liquid

3. Acupuncturists treat all kinds of conditions ranging from headaches to strokes. ____ . In Britain, this very rarely happens, but some health insurance schemes do cover.


A) The Chinese first developed this branch of medicine

B) Many of the people who practice acupuncture are not fully qualified

C) This kind of treatment hasn’t been approved of by the medical profession yet

D) In France and Germany acupuncture is available under national health schemes

E) Contrary to general belief this method of treatment is not in the least painful

4. As scientific knowledge increased, so did the practical applications. The eighteenth century witnessed what is actually called the Industrial Revolution, ____ . Since then, there has been a succession of technical innovations and fewer manual workers have been needed.


A) when machines began to do more and more of the work that had previously been done by human beings and animals

B) as nuclear and solid-state physics are disciplines that have evolved more recently

C) for mathematics, it should be noted, is the basic tool of modern engineering

D) so the engineer must always be willing to face new challenges

E) which is likely to lead to much unnecessary suffering particularly as the workforce is largely made up of young people

5. ____ . But most psychotherapists would say that such depression stems from buried grief or pain. For example someone who has been unhappy as a child may become depressed as an adult.


A) One should not let oneself get depressed

B) Sometimes one may be depressed for no apparent reason

C) People who are depressed aren’t good company

D) During the last two decades problems pertaining to mental health have steadily increased

E) The crime rate goes up with the increase of depression

6. ____ . X-rays can tell a cultured pearl from a natural one because they can detect the structure of mother of pearl in the side. Cultured pearls are usually less expensive than natural ones though actually they, too, are “real” pearls.


A) The last X-ray showed an improvement in her condition

B) Cultured pearls are cheap imitations of the real thing

C) The difference between a cultured pearl and a real one is obvious at a glance

D) The pearls that are “cultured” fetch a higher price than the “natural” ones do

E) Cultured pearls are produced by inserting a bead of mother of pearl into an oyster, which then coats in the pearl  

7. The science of computers and the technology of their use are broad and complex subjects. _____ . Consequently, as in other similar fields so in computer sciences, there is a great variety of terminology and jargon.


A) Even children in primary schools now learn to use computers

B) Obviously there are several types of computers which would serve this particular purpose adequately

C) The languages the computer understands are easily understood by even ordinary people

D) One recent development is that computers are getting smaller and smaller

E) Moreover the rapid rate of change in this field has contributed still further to this complexity

8. _____ . The feudal lords in England had always run their own law courts and profited by the fines paid by those brought to court. But King John took many cases out of their courts and tried them in his own, taking the money for himself.


A) King John always had the full support of the feudal lords

B) The administration of justice in Medieval England was completely centralised

C) King John who lived in the 13th century, was unpopular mainly because he was greedy

D) Medieval economy in England was based on agriculture

E) The history of the British Parliament goes back to the signing of Magna Carta