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1. Despite long and tiring discussions, the two delegations have failed to come to terms ____ the issue of refugees.


A) towards

B) under

C) around


E) over

2. A number of distinguished physicians were invited to give ____ opinions on family planning.


A) ours 

B) its 

C) it’s

D) their 

E) own 

3. The lecture he gave was highly complicated with the result that ____ people were capable of following it.

A) lesser
B) a few  
C) few
D) more

E) most

4. Of the rock samples we have so far worked on, this is probably ____ valuable.

A) the most 
B) most
C) many
D) little
E) least

5. I couldn’t help admiring the professional manner in ____ he dealt with the crisis.

A) whose
B) that
C) whom
D) which
E) what

6. ____ far reaching the benefits of the new policy may be, the country quite simply cannot afford it.

A) Whatever  
B) However 
C) Whatsoever 
D) Wherever  
E) Whenever

7.  ____ the interest rates are concerned, it looks as if the inflation has at least been curbed.

A) As far as
B) Owing to
C) By way of
D) Just as 
E) As regards

8. It is expected that, by mid-1992, the allied troops ____ out of the Gulf.

A) must be pulling
B) will have pulled
C) have pulled
D) are being pulled
E) should pull

9. Reinforced concrete was used for the new buildings ____ there should ever be another landslide in the vicinity.

A) due to
B) in spite of
C) according to
D) in case
E) instead 

10. The witness finally admitted that he did remember ____ someone standing by the entrance.

A) being seen
B) to see
C) to have seen
D) having been seen
E) having seen