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1. _____ of the information he gave could have been found in any encyclopaedia.


A) A few

B) Many

C) Few

D) Much

E) A great many

2. The director has promised that _____ finds a solution to this particular problem will be well awarded.


A) who 

B) whoever 

C) the one

D) whomsoever

E) anyone

3. I was immensely impressed by both the qualifications and the personality of the candidate, but _____ on the selection committee was.

A) all the rest
B) several others
C) many
D) hardly anyone else

E) most of the others

4. Several members of the research team haven't handed in their reports yet, and I must admit I haven't _____ .

A) as well 
B) too
C) either
D) also
E) neither

5. The judge ruled that the evidence given by the witnesses at the trial was not substantial _____ to prove the doctor guilty of negligence.

A) already
B) alright
C) enough
D) fairly

6. Weren't they supposed _____ a detailed study of the area before they chose the site for the new factory?

A) to have to make  
B) to have made
C) making 
D) having made  
E) to be made

7.  Since he became the chairman of the company he _____ used to working late, and he seems to enjoy it

A) has got
B) gets
C) was getting
D) had got 
E) will be getting

8. Until the very last minute we could not find out whether or not he _____ to sign the treaty.

A) will agree
B) would agree
C) has agreed
D) is going to agree
E) has to agree

9. By the end of the 20th century all the countries in the European Community _____ a political union.

A) formed
B) have formed
C) are forming
D) are being formed
E) will have formed

10. The banks complained that they _____ adequate notice regarding this new monetary policy.

A) are not being given
B) are not given
C) haven't given
D) had not been given
E) will not be giving