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1. The special committee has been called to discuss in detail the ____ in higher education.


A) retention

B) references

C) apologies

D) reliance

E) innovations

2. The Chief of the Intelligence Service told me ____ that there would soon be several important changes made in the organisation.


A) crucially

B) skilfully

C) confidentially

D) laterally

E) considerably

3. The surgeon was ____ embarrassed to learn that a piece of bandage had been left inside the abdomen.

A) outstandingly
B) nervously
C) sensitively
D) loosely

E) extremely

4. The insurance company immediately sent a team of specialists to ____ the damage caused by the floods.

A) undermine
B) assess
C) undertake
D) anticipate
E) safeguard

5. The judge warned the prosecutor that he must ____ from ridiculing the accused.

A) refrain
B) prevent
C) derive
D) conclude
E) withdraw

6. It is only too obvious that the majority of children in the developing countries aren’t receiving ____ nourishment.

A) adequate
B) consistent
C) successive
D) collective
E) respectable

7. He’s nearly 80 years old but still works for a couple of firms in an ____ capacity.

A) inessential
B) irrelevant
C) elective
D) advisory
E) injudicious

8. The ____ concerning total disarmament have broken down without leading any fruitful results.

A) intentions
B) complaints
C) negotiations
D) commitments
E) involvements

9. They have had to agree to provide free lunches, but obviously they have had done so ____ .

A) faultlessly
B) precisely
C) exceedingly
D) reluctantly
E) extraordinarily

10. Unfortunately, few children behave in such a ____ manner towards the old and infirm.

A) ridiculous
B) considerate
C) restricted
D) fragile
E) progressive