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1. The development of the experimental method to verify the theories had the ____ effect and there was a rapid increase in scientific knowledge.

A) adverse
B) reluctant
C) appropriate
D) erroneous
E) partial

2. We will have to hire more workers soon; we can’t put it off ____ .

A) plainly
B) supremely
C) emphatically
D) intensely
E) indefinitely

3. A well organised company that knows its products are of a high standard does not fear ____ .

A) conversion
B) concentration
C) competition
D) departure
E) pretension

4. When births outnumber deaths, the population increases; when the ____ is true, then it falls.

A) opposite
B) growth
C) proportion
D) rate
E) decreases

5. In the past, too, people relied on plant substances to ____ a wide range of illnesses.

A) recover
B) cure
C) infect
D) undermine

6. Industry is slowly realising that the manner in which waste products are being ____ of is of vital importance to the environment.

A) forwarded
B) exposed
C) composed
D) disposed
E) restored

7.  I was astonished to learn how such an experienced man as Dr Foster could be ____ by her tricks.

A) locked up
B) found out
C) run over
D) made up
E) taken in

8. I don’t know how the nurse ____ the constant demands of that elderly patient.

A) thinks over
B) changes over
C) puts up with  
D) wakes up  
E) turns on  

9. After that last incident, even the manager admits that we can ____ their services.

A) go on
B) do without
C) put out
D) show off
E) break into

10. Following the bomb explosion in the shopping centre, the police have been warning people to ____ any suspicious-looking parcel.

A) rely on
B) run through
C) take over
D) watch out for
E) send for