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1. People curious to get some idea of what it is like to be black in a country ____ by whites need look no further than Dennis Williams’s new novel Crossover.


A) tempted

B) undermined

C) perpetrated

D) run

E) deemed

2. It is plain that the United Nations will not lift the sanctions unless the Iraqi government fully ____ with the Security Council resolutions.


A) matches

B) elaborates

C) complies

D) resumes

E) accomplishes

3. When the chairman tried to explain his views to the shareholders at the ____ general meeting, he was shouted down by them with cries of “Resign!”.

A) annual
B) minimal
C) essential
D) ultimate

E) recurrent

4. Because of their high toxic contents, none of these chemicals can ____ be permitted for export to any country.

A) fruitfully
B) adequately
C) presently
D) notoriously
E) equivocally

5. I don’t know how we are going to ____ the expected surge of immigrants into the country.

A) look over
B) run through
C) put out
D) take down
E) cope with

6. The Jewish immigrants, who ____ the boat in England, formed the bulk of the ethnic groups arriving in a country historically wary of foreigners.

A) took after
B) got off
C) turned up
D) made up
E) showed off

7.  Acid rain only became a ____ environmental issue in the 1980s following groundbreaking studies in the 1970s.

A) previous
B) deceitful
C) reckless
D) destructive
E) prominent

8. Using the dam to genarate power would not ____ the treaty with the neighbouring country, but diverting water out of the river.

A) intimidate
B) betray
C) violate
D) convert
E) fetch

9. The ____ that terrorists use the money from regions that finance them to their target country are often identical to those used by criminal gangs.

A) regulations
B) methods
C) provisions
D) laws
E) admissions

10. In the wake of yet another financial scandal, the cief accountant handed in his ____ to the director.

A) retirement
B) redundancy
C) promotion
D) resignation
E) vacancy