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A sentence is a group of related words that we use to communicate our ideas in speech or in writing. There are four types of sentences in general: Simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences.




Simple sentences are the smallest sentence unit we know.A simple sentence normally has a subject, finite verb, and a predicate.There is not any subordinate clauses in simple sentences.


1. Subject + Verb: I see

2. Subject + Verb + Complement: She is pretty

3. Subject + Verb + Direct Object: I love you

4. Subject + Verb + Indirect object + Direct object: He gave me a gift

5. Subject + Verb + Object + Complement: The parliament elected him president


Sometimes phrases can accompany the simple sentences at the beginning of the sentence.

In Ankara, I have lots of friends.


The subject, object or verb of a simple sentence may be compound.


Alice and John are my best friends. (Alice and John: compound subjects)

Alice came and saw me. (came and saw: compound verb)

Alice saw me and John. (me and John: compound objects)