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YDS VOCABULARY - Adjective + Preposition Combinations



absent from

He has been absent from school for a week.

accustomed to

He's accustomed to England's climate.

acquainted with

She is acquainted with guitar and piano.

addicted to

There are thousands of youths who are addicted to drugs.

afraid of

She is afraid of insects.

allergic to      

I am allergic to penicillin.

amazed at/by

We were all amazed at/by her unusual behaviour.

angry at/about

We were angry at her selfish behaviour.

angry with someone for something

We were angry with him for his selfishness.

annoyed at/about

I was annoyed at not being invited to the

annoyed with someone for something

They were annoyed with me for not inviting (hem to the party.

anxious about

      We were anxious about his constantly high temperature.

appropriate for

Do you think this book is appropriate for our aim?

ashamed of

I felt ashamed of my shabby clothes.

He must be ashamed of yourself for treating her so rudely.

associated with

Steven Spielberg is associated with special effects in film.

astonished at/by

They were rather astonished at losing the game.

aware of

Most people are still not aware of the extent of environmental pollution.


bad at

He is bad at speaking English.

bad for

Eating too much candy is bad for your kids' teeth.

based on

Educational principles should be based on the requirements of our age.

beneficial to

Taking regular exercise is beneficial to your health.

boastful of

She is boastful of her son's achievements.

bored with     

      I didn't finish reading the book, for I was bored with the plot.


brilliant at

He is really brilliant at calculating.

busy with

She can't come with us because she is busy with her term paper.


capable of

You are capable of doing better work than this.

careful about

Be careful about your words even when you are annoyed.

careful with

You must be careful with money in these economic conditions.

careless about (not paying attention to)

She is often careless about her clothes; especially when she is depressed.

careless of (unconcerned)

Some drivers, enjoying the speed, are careless of the dangers of driving fast.

clever at

She is quite clever at working out the most difficult problems.

committed to

He is committed to honest work.

composed of

End of term parties are usually composed of students, teachers and parents.

concerned about

People are concerned about the increasing air pollution in Istanbul.

connected with/to

Good mood is usually connected with good health.

I think she is distantly connected with/to that family.

conscious of

A good many parents are not conscious of the importance of reading for their children.

content with

The teacher seemed content with our exam results.

convinced of

I'm convinced of his innocence.

coordinated with

When you are swimming, the movements of your legs should be coordinated with your

covered with/in

When I in looked out of the window, I noticed that everywhere was covered with snow.

crowded with

The city center is always crowded with people.

curious about

I'm curious about which party will win the election.



dedicated to

She loves her job; in fact, she is dedicated to it.

deficient in

You should eat vegetables and fruit regularly so that your diet is not deficient in vitamins.

delighted with/at

The child was delighted with his new toy.

dependent on/upon

Because he hasn't got a proper job, he is still dependent on his parents financially.

derived from

Most words in English are derived from Latin.

devoid of      

She seems to be devoid of the skills required for this job.    

devoted to     

She is devoted to her children.

different from

Your likes and dislikes are quite different from mine.

disappointed with

She seemed really disappointed with her exam results.

discriminated against

People should not be discriminated against because of the colour of their skin.

divorced from

According to the statistics, the number of women divorced from their husbands is increasing.

dressed in

She was dressed in a skirt, which was unusual for her.



eager for

He seems eager for a quick recovery, so he is doing whatever the doctor says.

efficient in

The production manager is really efficient in his job.

engaged to

She is still engaged to Johnathan, but is thinking of getting married soon.

enthusiastic about

Jenny is very enthusiastic about coming to the concert with us.

envious of

I'm envious of people who can speak three or more languages fluently.

equipped with

Big offices are usually equipped with a
burglar alarm.      

excellent in/at

She is excellent in music.

excited about

The children seem quite excited about going on holiday.

exposed to

If hands and face are exposed to extreme cold, they may get frostbite.



faithful to

Dogs are known to be faithful to their owners.

familiar with

If you start to study English at university, you'll become familiar with English or American literature.

familiar to

The man in the corner seems familiar to me.

famous for

Turkish people are famous for their hospitality.

filled with

The room was filled with excited people.

fond of

I'm very fond of children.

free of

Children under seven can travel free of charge.

free from

You will be free from pain soon after you've taken two of these tablets.

friendly to/with

She was quite friendly to me last night

full of

Your composition is full of grammatical mistakes.

furious about

She was furious about the news that she wasn't promoted.

furious with someone for something

She was furious with the manager for not
promoting her.

furnished with

The agents have been furnished with all the necessary information.


generous about/with

The host was a bit too generous with the raki, so we all became drunk.

good at

I'm not so good at playing cards.

good for

Taking regular walks is good for your heart.

grateful to someone for something

I'm grateful to you for your kind support.

guilty of

He was found guilty of the robbery.


happy about

I'm very happy about your getting this job.

happy with

I purchased my dishwasher two years ago, and I'm still happy with it

honest with

You should be honest with your clients.

hopeful of/about

She is hopeful of passing the university entrance exam this year.

hopeless at    

She is hopeless at cooking. She can't even cook the simplest dishes properly.

hostile to

Since the scandal, the two families have been hostile to each other.


identical with/to

What a coincidence! Your dress is almost identical with mine.

ignorant of

She is ignorant of the warnings made against her bad behaviour.

impressed with/by

We were greatly impressed with her diligence.

inferior to

I don't think your work is inferior to
anybody else's in the office.          

indebted to

I'm indebted to my friends for the encouragement they gave me for this job.

indifferent to

She seems quite indifferent to what is happening around her.

innocent of

She was found innocent of the charge.

interested in

I've always been interested in folk music.

involved in

He has recently been involved in a bribery case.


jealous of

She has always been jealous of her brother's success.



keen on

He is very keen on football.


kind to

She has always been kind to the people around her.

known for (famous for)

Mr. Eames is known for his honesty.

known as

Mr. Eames is known as an honest man.



late for

You've been late for work twice this week.

limited to

The time given for the university entrance exam is limited to three and a half hours.

lucky at

He is usually lucky at cards.



mad at (angry with)

Don't be mad at me! I was just trying to help you.

mad about (very fond of)

She is mad about pop music.

made of

Tables and chairs are usually made of wood, (if there is only physical change in the raw material)

made from  

Paper is made from wood. (The raw material changes chemically as well as physically.)

made out of

It's difficult to believe that this lovely vase was made out of a bottle, (if you alter an item, and use it with a different aim)

married to

She is married to an American.

mindful of

You should be mindful of your responsibilities.  

mistaken about

You are mistaken about the extent of her capacities.    



nervous of/about

She is nervous about the job interview she will have in a few minutes.

notorious for

She became notorious for her extravagance.



obliged to

I'm obliged to you for being beside me during all that trouble.

opposed to

I'm opposed to giving so many responsibilities to a small child.

patient with

A teacher should be patient with his/her students.

pleased about

She seems very pleased about being put in charge.

pleased with

I'm pleased with the progress you've made.

polite to

You should be polite to the customers.

popular with

She is very popular with her students.   

prepared for

I'm buying these boots so that I'm prepared for the snow this winter.

proud of   

She is rightly proud of her success.

provided with

The young should be provided with jobs after graduation.



ready for

Everybody seems ready for the journey.

related to

Are you related to the headmaster? I'm asking just because your surnames are the same.

relevant to

Your question must be relevant to the subject we are discussing; otherwise 1 won't let you speak.

responsible for

I think air pollution in big cities is responsible for most of the respiratory diseases.

rich in

Vegetables and fruit are rich in vitamins.

right about

I was right about her chance of getting the job.


sad about

She was sad about losing the chance of giving a party, having failed the exam.

satisfied with

Are you satisfied with your present job?

scared of

She was scared of the growling dog.

shocked at/by

He was such a good driver we were all shocked at the news that he'd had an     accident.

short of

I'm a bit short of money these days, so I can't come with you to dine out. .

sick of

I'm sick of this ceaseless rain.

similar to

This scheme is quite similar to the one I prepared.

skilful at

Eskimos are known to be skilful at using their harpoons.

slow at

The new secretary is quite slow at typing.

sorry for someone

I feel sorry for Sue, because she hasn't been able to find a job yet.

sorry about something

I'm sorry about my rude remarks yesterday.

sorry for doing something

I'm sorry for hurting you with my rude remarks yesterday.

subject to

The South-East of Turkey is subject to extreme weather conditions.

successful in

He was successful in marketing the product to a wide area.

suitable for

I don't think jeans will be suitable for such a formal party.

superior to

Do you think this job will be superior to your current one?

sure of

If you are not sure of your facts, don't make them public.

sure about

I'm not sure about the time of the train.

surprised at/by

I was really surprised at her treating us so strangely.

suspicious of

The guard became suspicious of the youth standing on the comer.


terrible at

She is terrible at cooking.

terrified of

The little girl was terrified of the huge dog.

thankful to someone for something

I'm thankful to them for taking the time to help me.

thrilled with

The employees were thrilled with the promise given, by the boss about a high pay rise.

tired of

I'm tired of your complaints.

troubled with

He was deeply troubled with the situation in the office.

typical of

Do you like eating food typical of the region in which you are travelling?



upset with/about

She was upset about the trouble she had caused.

used to

She is not used to staying at home alone.



worried about

I'm worried about her health.

wrong about

Many people were wrong about their predictions for the results of the election.

wrong with

I think something is wrong with her. She hasn't come home yet.